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This was recently the most gut wrenching episode for many reasons.... pretty much every lead character in the guild lost a parent and as they said in the episode they were emotionally and physically scarred. Well if you are like me and are pretty attached... you are also emotionally scarred....
In this episode everyone comes back and it gives you the vague hope that they will start to go back to normal.... like always....
but that is not how it ends.... not only do we find out fairy tail is being disbanded... which was extremely crushing....
but all of us NaLu fans probably had a melt down when Lucy received the letter that Natsu and Happy were leaving for a whole year.... obviously there are some more episodes to come but for those of us that only watch the anime what does this mean for our Fairy Tail family?
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so this is where the episodes left off good to know
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yup till they come out with another one
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Yeah the new season or part will be after a one year time skip
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cant wait to watch the episode i already read the manga i just love the animations
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