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*Spoilers* who's the mother?
OK so don't hate on me, this might be elaborated more in the manga, but I haven't read the manga. And if you havent seen "Boruto" I recommend not reading this, there are spoilers.
So at the end of the "Boruto the movie". Mitsuki, who's parents have been unknown of so far, reveals the his parent is Orochimaru. Although he doesn't elaborate on the subject any more than that. and when asked by Sarada whether Orochimaru was his mother or father, he replied "does it matter?" My first thought on this is "orochimaru is a guy, how could he possibly be a mother." But the guys has already done some really creepy s***, so I wasn't about to put it past him to be a mother. This of course elicited a few unwanted images in my head.
My theory is that Misuki is a test tube baby created from the DNA of Orachimaru and Kabuto. Whether that's possible, I don't know. But this is anime and its known for doing things that can't typically be done in real life.
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I havent watch boruto, but doesnt orochimaru have already posses the body of a girl before? like when he showed his face to third okage in his fight, sooo it is possible that orochi was his biological mother ;P(thats was weird to type...)
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@yamijeanfranco good point...
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he is a incest orochimaru child, pretty plan ;)
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@MichaelLopez exactly where did incest get involved in this?馃槸
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kabuto >3>
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