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pernil..(lechón)... arroz con habichuelas rojas... including pegau!!! l, macaroni salad made with moms recipe... yummy cookies... Hope you all had a blast vinglers. @alywoah @allobaber @jordanhamilton and please tag anyone you think would like to take a peak...
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oh man....I am so torn....do I head to your place or @alywoah's
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@alywoah fresh cilantro,parsley, garlic,fresh peppers all colors,onion,adobo,dried orégano,garlic powder, black peppers, tiny bit of Apple cider vinegar then I left half of mixture in chopped up state, then blended the rest and poured on top.
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@InPlainSight I think you will have to go to both jaja
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Nice! I've gotta try using more seasonings next time I make a pernil
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