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I whipped my head around and saw Amber standing there with arms crossed, wearing a poker face staring straight at my dad. "I don't mean to brag, but I probably know how to take care of Ash and Melanie better than you." She said walking towards my side. Melanie's head perked up at the sound of her voice and she immediately smiled at her. Reaching her hands out to Amber, Amber then carried her in her arms. I looked back at my dad and he has an unexplainable facial expression. He slowly rose up to his feet and said, "I'm sorry. But how long have you known Ash? A few months maybe? I've know her, her whole life. You don't know anything about her life." Amber smiled and slowly said, "I may not know her whole story, but that doesn't mean I don't know who she is. A person isn't determined by their past, it's what they do about it and make something of it. Ash is one of those people that put others in front even if she's hurt, and she will fight for what she believes in. That's who she is. If you so much hate the way she is, get out of her life. I'm 19 years old and my mother will be more than happy to take Ash and Melanie home." "That doesn't mean anything. You have no right on judging me for what you've only seen just now." He said. Amber smiled and said, "Sir, it's not called judging when you just proved my hypothesis correct. I don't need to know your past, to know that you're a coward." My dad stayed quiet as Amber ushered me to my room, Melanie still in her arms. As we got in, Melanie jumped out of Amber's arms and moved to the bed, up and down she went jumping. The sight brought laughter to me and I realized, even though my father has known me my whole life, it's not about those that know you the longest, it's about those that can spark up your life and make you happy. ~~the next day! ~~ "Amber! Amber! Amber!!" "WHAT!?" She yelled. "Hi~" I said back and giggled when she just rolled her eyes. "Ash, what are you doing?" She asked. "I don't know. I'm pretty bored and I can't come up with anything more. I got the chorus down for the guitar, but I can't come up with any lyrics at the moment." I said. We were currently in theatre arts, having a free period to 'practice' since the performance is in three days! We still have many things to do and we're not getting anything done at this pace. It makes me want to pull my hairs out. "What if we just wing it?" She asked. I gave her my, 'r u srs' face and she just shrugged. "You can't just wing things, like you can't wing it at life." I said. "You kinda can, if you believe in it, but then again you just basically improvise. That's what I do." "You're very unique Amber." "You know it girl" she winked and I couldn't help but grin and roll my eyes. "Lets just try to improvise, okay?" She added. "I guess. What do you want to do in the meantime?" I asked, setting my guitar down. "Lets play 20 questions!" "Okay I guess. You start!" "Who's your favorite group and artist?" She asked. "My favorite group would be Monsta X. And my favorite artist would be Ailee." "Okay your turn!" "Um.. What's your favorite favorite color?" I asked. "Red. My turn! What's your perspective on life?" She asked. My smile faded a bit and I looked at her with concern. "My perspective on life.. eh? I never really thought about it. There were times when I would ask myself, 'Why does one live only to die in the end?' Then I made a comparison. Its a weird one but it still works. I thought, 'Why does one eat of they're just going to poop it out later?'" Amber giggled at that and I smiled, "I realized that living is something that's supposed to happen. Just like eating is a must if you want to survive. There's multiple definitions of living and many perspectives of it as well. Mine would just be, 'Living is like eating. It brings many people happiness, and without living happily it wouldn't be called living. It'd be called surviving.' That's just my perspective. It could be wrong or right, but no one can tell me whether I'm wrong or right, right?" I smiled at her. "That's deep." She smiled. "I'm just being me. I'm just happy being myself" I said. "I'm glad you're yourself. Because you, yourself is the reason, I, myself, fell for you." She came closer to me embraced me. Then pecking my forehead. I couldn't help but smile.
Sorry for taking long... For a moment I didn't have this app because of a few reasons and then my phone didn't want to download the app and now I have it. By the way, two chapters are going to be updated today! Tags; @CrystalBlunt @shannonl5 @VixenViVi @kpopandkimchi @aimeeH @baileykayleen @AnnahiZaragoza @CheniseLewis @jalizaflores @DawanaMason
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