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Happy birthday to my UB Taecyeon🎁🎂❤️
As time in Korean, today, 12/27/1988, it's Ok Taec Yeon's birthday. My bingu is turning 27. O..M..G😱 But he sometimes he acts like he's only 5 but sometimes he is so caring like his age. Last February, this guy took my heart because of his smile on Running Man. The more I search for him, the more I love him. He is so handsome, so cute, so talented, so caring and so dorky. And my love once again for him grew to a point where no ones else can compete, that was when Taecyeon spoke up as a member of EXID was being mocked by her English. Anyway, I wish Taecyeon another very healthy and wealthy year with lots of love from people and become more handsome and happier with family, friends, career and fans. All the best best wishes for him❤️❤️❤️ OkCat fighting❣ From a girl that her heart was stolen by the OkBingu Let's tweet #okbinguday and #taecyeonday1988
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생일축하해 오빠!!!!
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