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5 of the Day

Day 3- 5 Adolescent/child characters.
Ima start this one off with a BANG! Misaka Mikoto "Railgun!" My future Waifu and the 3rd ranked level 5 esper in all of Academy City! She has it all! She's unstoppable!
You can't have this list and not put in the one who beat Cell! Gohan! I highly doubt he needs any introduction or explanation as to why he is on this list!
Gon Freecs! This is one of those kids you wrongly pick on and he ends up punching your head off with his janjanken!(correct spelling??) On the path to search for his dad, he encounters many foes around him as well as in himself. This is a true hunter!
If you know Gon you'll definitely know this guy! Killua Zoldyct! A trained assasin since birth, he'll rip your heart out and take your head off in a matter of seconds! Here is someone you definitely never want to get on their bad side!
And to finish this off here we have Ikki Kurogane! Formerly call "the worst one" now dubbed "The Another One!" He has great swordsman skills that he displayed all throughout the series. His epic fight with Todo Toka and her Raiki is what landed him this spot, that moment blew me away I absolutely loved it!
Sorry for any misspelled words! Let me know what you think and who'd you put as your 5! Thanks again everyone!
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