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Kpop A-Z Song Game

So I haven't posted anything on vingle for a while, but I just thought of doing this yesterday, A kpop song game. I haven't seen anything like this on Vingle, from what i've seen. So I hope it's something new and fun.
Here's how it goes, you must alphabetically go down from A-Z, naming a kpop song that begins with said letter of the alphabet. Easy? Well here's the catch, you can't repeat any of the kpop groups/singers that you've already used for another letter.
Here's an example. Picture 1 is a sample of what is allowed, while Picture 2 is a sample of what is not allowed.
This is my A-Z game. Use it as an example to help you. There is also a bonus round that you can do. (As you can see in Picture 2.)Which is to find and name 3 kpop songs that begin with a number. The same rules apply to this bonus round, and though it's a bonus round, you can't use the groups/singers that you used for the A-z game.
Well, I hope you guys have fun with this and tag me so I can see what you came up with. It can be boy or girl groups, I only used boy groups with the exception of two girl groups, because I don't really listen to girl groups. Tagging @MischiefK1ng Anyone is welcomed to try this challenge. :)
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