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**Warning: Strong Language** THIS IS NOT FUCKING OKAY!!!!! I DON'T NORMALLY CUSS BUT THIS IS PISSING ME OFF!!! SERIOUSLY, 'ARMYS'?!?! You can't call yourself an Army if you do shit like this!!! That's disgusting. What if you were in his place and you were reading comments that were like this?!? Would you be happy? No, you would feel violated and grossed out. Why would anyone think commenting things like this is okay?!? They are human beings, for God's sake. I know it's hard to believe they are human because they are perfect in our eyes. But still, think of how they would feel before you post things!! What would they think if they read that? Would they feel inspired to continue writing music? Consider their feelings!! Okay...I'm sorry, I needed to get that off my chest but...things like this aren't okay. I'm an international A.R.M.Y. I don't want to be excluded just because of some narrow-minded people who call themselves 'fans'. It's messed up on so many levels. Please....just dont. I know not everyone is doing things like this but...for those who know someone who does this, stop them...please. I really love BTS so much. They make me happy and to think that they are angry at their international fans makes me sad. I....I just can't....I'm done.... #TheRiseOfArmy Please spread this.
it's wrong for fans to do that to the oppas... that's why international fans are looked down on. idky they would put stuff like that were they can read it! it infuriates me that they think it's okay. I feel so embarrassed and. didn't even do that.. feel so sorry for BTS
that's what I'm saying! let's stop this now thus isn't right!
Wow, this is ridiculous! I can't believe people, now a days. It seems as though, a lot of people don't think before they speak or comment. This is just out right disturbing and disrespectful. I really hope this stops and we, "true international fans/ A.R.M.Y", are about to talk to them in a respectful & civilized manner. Fighting! #TheRiseOfArmy
I've heard about that but I didn't think it was true. That sucks that so many people think it's ok to say things like that at least if you say something like that don't post it on their video or tag them on social media, They could talk about that with someone else (like a friend or something) by message instead of posting it on their videos etc. That makes me feel embarrassed just because I am an international fan not because I did it. I've also seen people posting things like that on so many famous singers music videos or they mention it in a comment