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@Jespinosa1546 tagged me to do this challenge she came up with. Basically, you Name kpop songs for each letter of the Alphabet without re-using the groups and singers that you already used. There is also a bonus round in which you have to name 3 songs that start with a number. Refer to the original card if you need help: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1305794?shsrc=v
A. Ab city by Alphabat B.Back By Infinite C.Crazy by Teen top D.Daddy by Psy E.Error by Vixx F.Fire by 2ne1 G.Go crazy by 2pm H.Hurricane Venus by BoA I. If you do by Got7 J.Janus by Boyfriend K.Kidding me by Nom L.La song by Rain M.Miss me or Diss me by Mc Mong N. No more Dream by Bts O.Opera by Super Junior P.Play with me by Cross gene Q.Quit playing by U-kiss R.Run & Run by Bigstar S.Stay by Mblaq T.The real one by Boys republic U.Under the moonlight by VAV V.Very good by Block b W.Watch out by Hotshot X.Xoxo by Exo Y.Yey by Beast Z.Zutter by Gd and T.o.p BONUS ROUND: 1004(Angel) by B.a.p 4:44am by Bang yongguk 13 window by Gd Tagging @CreeTheOtaku @MadAndrea @Emealia
Hope you have as much fun as I did when doing this challenge! Anyone is welcomed to complete this challenge. Credit to @Jespinosa1546 for creating this challenge.
This was so hard but here it is! A-alone-sistar B-bang bang bang-big bang C-chaser-Infinite D-did ya-BoA E-electric shock-f(x) F-fantastic-Henry Lau G-go crazy-2PM H-heaven-Ailee I-I wonder if you hurt like me-2AM J-Janus-boyfriend K-kontrol-Kim Sungkyu L-loving you-g.na M-mirotic-dbsk N-now-trouble maker O-odd eye-SHINee P-play me-Lee Taemin Q-quit playing-ukiss R-roly poly-t-ara S-somebody to love-15& T-tomorrow-Tablo U-U-Super Junior V-Venus-Hellovenus W-what's your name-4 minute X-XOXO-EXO Y-you think-Girls' Generation Z-zutter-gd&top
good job
@TashiannaBostic At least you did most of them.
the rest I can't think of
@TashiannaBostic Nice, Lol.
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