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I have no words to express how amazing it is that Jhope has just come out with his own song. Now Army's around the world can appreciate him more. But him making a song is not the only reason I'm making this my first vingle post. It's because the song is literally fire. Even though Army was aware that Jhope had ridiculous talent when it came to dancing and rapping, we had no idea that his rapping was this good. Jhope destroyed my bias list. Heck I'm just not going to have one anymore its too hard to stay faithful. (Cue Rhianna song unfaithful)
J-hope is just laughing like "Bow to me all you haters. "
I can't be the only one dying over this song being released. Let me know how u feel with your comments and hearts. Thanks for reading my first post.
omfg....this...this....IM SO CONFUSED... I knew he was good but DAMNNNNN I didn't know he was this good...HE WAS FUCKING SPITTING FIRE DUDE.... I'm done...I'm gonna sit in a corner and cry omg... jhope you beautiful being...now you're a god
He murdered the ghosts that were left after run XD
lmao! same πŸ˜‚ yas! @KaylinJones may I join?πŸ˜†
whoa! j hope!!! u go girl!!!