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Many known books are usually in first or third point of view. Second point of view is the unloved sibling of the family. For those who don't remember what second point of view is, it's where the author makes the reader a part of the story. So instead of using they, she/he, or I, the author uses you. For example, an author would write "you went towards the stairs" not "they went towards the stairs." Let's spread the love of second point of view books and here are seven books you might like:

7: If on a Winter's Night a Traveller

Author: Italo Calvino
The reader had recently purchased a book, only to discover it is missing a couple of parts. You go back to the bookstore to return the book, to only be given Outside the Town of Malbork. After that, you meet a woman named Ludmilla, who became a main character with you. Ludmilla had also had the same experience as you and both of you set to find the rest of the novel. The novel is full of twist and turnings that will have the reader reading until the end.

6: Bright Lights, Big City

Author: Jay McInerney
The nameless narrator works as a fact checker in a magazine, who they hope to write for. Then one night, after being invited to a drug using party, loses themselves into the 1980's young, professional, and urban scene, often going to a club called Heartbreak. After that, their wife, Amanda, leaves them. In denial, they tell no one that their spouse has left them and stalks her. Amanda has left to start a modelling career. The narrator chases Amanda, in hopes of getting her back, but it ends up affecting their career. Their life starts to spiral downs, revealing illusions of New York's culture.

5: You

Author: Caroline Kepnes
A story about Beck and an obsessive stalker named Joe. Joe is obsessive, intelligent, intense, a sociopath, who sees no wrong or right. As Joe invisibly and obsessively takes control of Beck’s life, who is you, he tries to get Beck to return his affection. Moving from stalker to boyfriend, Joe transforms himself into Beck’s perfect man, all while quietly removing the obstacles that stand in their way—even if it means murder.

4: All the Truth That's in Me

Author: Julie Berry
Judith and her friend disappeared from home four years ago, returning without the ability to speak. Her tongue was cut out to prevent her from talking. She is also reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Lucas. You explore the life of a young woman who lives in a judgemental town leaves very little room for acceptance of those who are different. Judith is later faced with a decision whether that will determine if she will regain her voice or live in silence forever.

3: A Man Asleep

Author: Georges Perec
The novel involves in following a 25 year old student who one day decides to be indifferent to the world. Here's a small review to help describe the book: "Gradually, he realizes, this refusal of choice is itself a choice. The realization transforms an emptiness which, for a reader, was becoming awfully empty. Suddenly Perec shows a beauty on the far side of the void; a humanity on the far side of refusal." - Richard Eder, The Los Angeles Times

2: Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

Author: Tom Robbins
When the stock market crashes on the Thursday before Easter, you—an ambitious, although ineffectual and not entirely ethical young broker—are convinced that you’re facing the Weekend from Hell. Before the market reopens on Monday, you’re going to have to scramble and scheme to cover your butt, but there’s no way you can anticipate the baffling disappearance of a 300-pound psychic, the fall from grace of a born-again monkey, or the intrusion in your life of a tattooed stranger intent on blowing your mind and most of your fuses. Over these fateful three days, you will be forced to confront everything from mysterious African rituals to legendary amphibians, from tarot-card bombshells to street violence, from your own sexuality to outer space. (Review from Amazon)

1: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Author: Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone
This is the first of series, Final Fantasy, which is a gamebook. In this book, you are the hero and choose your own path. You decide which monsters to fight, which paths to take, who to trust and when to run. You fight Blood Beast and Orc. You choose for paths that will lead you to treasure or your death. There are several adventures that await you in this book but only one path that will leave you alive to tell the tale.