I don't see why we need to apologize for an edit of Yoongi raising middle finger, when he does it in real life. You see this picture right here!?! It's not an edit, he's literally raise his middle fingers on stage. Plus Namjoon raise his middle fingers just as much a Suga (if not more) So I don't see the point of apologizing. INFIERS!!!!!!!
well you see kid let me school you as a older sister (ahem) the reason for apologizing is for the edit picture that wasn't even meant for that reason let me explain see he does it on stage let me repeat ON THE STAGE not outside with fans that probably have their parents there okay? "why should i apologize if he does on stage huh?" no one said you yes You I'm talking to you now to apologize I'm not apologizing cause i didn't do anything i apologize for others even tho i haven't even said to bts one word of apologie but if you yes I'm still talking to you made the edit themselves then you apologize i don't care if he does it on stage or not but if you made it and they don't like it then you need to apologize and fix it not stand up for it when you know you did wrong so in a long post of me explaining let me make it shorter "you made it you apologize you didn't you don't" now everyone should get that unless your from another planet or just cant speak English
I'm not going to try to persuade you, I'm merely showing you a different interpretation that I feel is valid. I believe sorry is also feeling and not always claiming responsibility or admitting you are guilty for the issue. So I'm sorry the boys are having to deal with this idiocy of edits like the one making this an issue and giving them an image they may not want or having to confront the problem of being sexually harassed by fans on social media. Neither of these should be happening and that's why I feel sorry. It's just one more way to look at it.
I'm no mad and honestly it doesnt bother me anyway. Its just photoshop and since he has done it in rl i dont think its offensive. Just because the company promotes a diffrent image doesnt mean they always fit or follow that...
@ashleydj1oo no I agree they should apologize and you are allowed to feel your own way
No....most people wouldn't. I wouldn't at least. Not much of a fanbase if we're immaturely editing pictures and making fun of our idols. But to each their own; I'll agree to disagree.
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