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For day two of my mini OTP series, I'm going to show you my second favorite ship.


Now I know what some of you are thinking. Yes, I did use Kai in my first OTP card, but TaeKai has a different type of ship then Kaisoo.
Look at how Jongin just can't keep his eyes off Kyungsoo. When i was looking up pictures of the two, that's all that popped up. Kai staring at DO. It's just so innocently cute.
More staring, and a giant Lay doll making Kyungsoo jelly.

" Only I can touch there, sir "

And finaly, some fan art. No idea who the artists are but I commend them. Beautiful work guys. I hope you enjoyed this ship as much as I do. Who's your favorite ship of all time?? If you want to see my Taekai, click here ⬇ http://www.vingle.net/posts/1302486?shsrc=v
Kaisoo is a great ship!! So cute!!
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Kaisoo gives me life
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awe this ship is adorbs and agree the artwork is beautiful
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