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I wasn't actually tagged in this...but I still wanna do it!
So...this is my phone background...do I REALLY have to choose between Suga, V, and Jimin???
Phone lockscreen...The entirety of Bangtan...
Computer wallpaper.
I'm screwed.
and anyone else who reads this card, tag, you're it! :)
This is just in time I just changed my background..... Before it's was Taeyang and G-Dragon but now it G-Dragon and Taeyang lol (I guess I'll have to use my phones homs/lock screen instead lol)
Haha. My phone background screen is Seungcheol (S.coups). My phone lock screen is @MorganElisabeth. And my computer lock scren is Ren. I think I'll take a polyamory relationship with them all.
There are places in the world where it would be legal to marry all of them... But then there wouldn't be any of them left for the rest of us.
well I've got different Nyongtory pics, I'll be a third wheel.
um sooooo....I would marry.....the Eiffel Tower.......
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