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so I wasn't actually tagged by anybody, but I need a challenge to get back into the swing of posting on here! So seeing the Challenge was a blessing in disguise. I hate hiatuses, I feel so out of the loop now!
So, onto the challenge!
1) Disappoint Jin or break Hoseok's heart...
Disappoint our Pink Princess Eomma Jin...
or break our Hope's heart...
Sorry, Jin...but disappointment is easier to get over than heartbreak! I know you'll forgive me in time; though some home cooked meals and desserts may help smooth the road a bit.
if you read...tag your it! (I don't know too many people here to tag, so...if you know of someone who would enjoy this challenge, feel free to tag them!)
You may hate me for this but I don't really like them... I haven't found a song of theirs I really like... I guess I'm just a weirdo or I just have slightly different tastes. The guys are sweet and funny I just can't get into their music. 😕
@Bri26 we all have our own tastes in music. there are some Kpop bands that people love that I'm just 'meh' about. so no, I don't hate you for it. we have the right to like or dislike whatever band we listen to
@kieuseru ok thank you. I never know because some people flip out. The seas of Kpop fandom are stormy and filled with super fan sea monsters haha
well, @Bri26 i may be a fan but i am no sea monster.
Lol every fandom has them. I'm an EXO-L and I'm afraid of half of our fandom.... Some of us are crazy.... Haha @kieuseru