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Would You Rather: BTS Edition day 2
Day #2: Jimin's abs or re-dye V's hair...
I choose TaeTae. I can imagine that re-dyeing his hair would be quite the fun experience... how big of a mess do you think we could make??? And if my hair get's dyed too in the process, oh.well...
(side note: I love Jimin's and Suga's hair for their comeback too!)
Talk about battle of the biases...this one was hard
(yes, I am retagging. I have a few requests to tag so they can follow, so I'm just tagging everyone again!)
if you read...tag your it! (I don't know too many people here to tag, so...if you know of someone who would enjoy this challenge, feel free to tag them!)
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I love Jimin, but he lost his abs anyway(which doesn't really bug me he is still sexy and totally lovable) but I wanna dye my Tae Baes hair cuz then I can have more time with him
2 years ago·Reply
Yes I would choose V too . Because he's my baby and just imagining running my fingers through his soft hair does things to me <3
2 years ago·Reply
@sarangseoltang and like she said....running fingers thru his hair mai lawd....
2 years ago·Reply
that was cute....heh ^~^
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