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Hey y'all, sooo sorry this is late, I have no WiFi connection at home so I had to postpone this for a while. Swear it's the last one!!
Part 1: Selfie I don't usually take photos unless I have a decent camera Here's a couple of different ones from this year where my hair took one for the team My glasses tend to be essential to my everyday look and life I'm Sendy (send-ee) but everyone calls me Sai (because they can't pronounce my name right ). I'm currently a college student at San Jose State in the golden state of California. Hispanic decent and multilingual. I love meeting new people and tbh, Vingle has been so good to me that I love everyone here!! Please take care of me!
Part 2: Dream Crush Aishh, guess I gotta admit that it's TOP He's driven and passionate about his work. and he has his quirky side that just makes me smile like a dork! His attractiveness is a plus and his voice is just the icing on top [pun intended ]. I tend to go for the tall, slender guys so he's literally my match made in (fanfic) heaven I can go on for hours on why he's an amazing individual, like Shakespeare writing a passage of charisma and grace, to that, there is no end. ❀
Part 3: Current Status: Single For about a little over a year now and completely enjoying it! Doing my thing, fangirling here and there, and getting things accomplished. A relationship would be nice but I have no reason to rush into things, so ehh. It's easy flowin' for right now! Unless you're Seung-hyun.... in that case, hello baby (I'd say Oppa but he's said before that he doesn't enjoy being called that ).
Part 4: Most romantic memory: I went on a date with a friend and it was pouring rain so he had me stay inside until he pulled up the car. Other than that, I'm usually the hopeless romantic doing all the cute stuff without getting anything back. #ftw
Part 5: What do I Look for in a Partner? -Oh boy, lemme think on that.... Okay, most important is usually being self driven and passionate. Someone who isn't waiting for things to happen, he makes things happen. Someone who is also able to laugh with me because I'm pretty dorky myself and damn proud. I absolutely love intelligence! Please talk to me about art, history, and science! I don't want a sidekick, I want a partner, and that goes beyond more. Oh, and guys in suits or business casual are definitely a plus Too much?
If I don't tag you in this, I'm sorry!! πŸ™πŸ™ @helixx @syodil @tracylynn @vkookie47 @dancingdazzler
Nice to meet you @SaiT 😊 (Sorry I'm late, but I'm barely getting to see what I've been missing out on.)
Hello Girly! It was nice getting to know you.