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Hey guys So plz tell me your favorite fairy tail couples Mine is a war between nalu and gali (Sorry if I miss some but even if it's not up here plz tell)
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I'd be happy for two reasons then; one: No Nali and two they're a cute ass ship 😂👌💕
wow lolz Lucy has a harem with Wendy Loke and Natsu if this pics right. ....dam girl good job
my bad 4 not Lucy and Wendy. .
Mashima just gives everyone a set background together and then pairs them up. 💩What's new? 🙋Hey, kids! 📱Once, there was a REAL anime franchise called 🍥Naruto, where you could NEVER BE SURE who would get married! 😃Not a joke! 🌏Bigger universe, deeper storyline and endless possibilities. 😒Oh, crap. 🙍The 4th Great Ninja War... 😄Nevermind, guys! Let's just stick to this because the better show has just crumbled. Yaaay! 🙌 FAERI TAERU! 🐲