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Summary: You had always heard of women finding out unexpectedly that their boyfriend was cheating. But how many could say they sat there and watched the attraction unfold?
”If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you had a crush on Jungkookie, Y/N. What about me?” Without hesitation you had suggested keeping a distance from the maknae; just to stay in Jimin’s favor. He had swelled at the suggestion and your heart soared at the attention he was giving you. True to your word, you tried to keep conversations with Jungkook to a minimum. A hand gently touched your shoulder, drawing your attention away from that scene and your thoughts. Jungkook settled into the seat next to you, an odd look on his face as his eyes averted from where you were just looking. He was shortly followed by the rest of Bangtan. V grinned, amused at Jimin’s antics with the girl across the room. Both he and Jhope mockingly imitated his strangled laugh to themselves. In their eyes his actions were nothing serious. Jin and Namjoon were turned away from the scene, discussing the photos with the photographer.
It was Yoongi whose pensive gaze altered between his phone and his brother across the room. You noticed how his fingers would twitch whenever Jimin’s hands got a little too close to hers. It relieved you to see that he was just as perturbed by the interaction as you. The thought of you overreacting had crossed your mind. The quiet rapper caught you looking over at him, but didn’t react. The maknae touched your elbow, his gaze sorrowful as if he knew exactly what you were thinking. For someone only a few days older than yourself, Jungkook seemed so much older sometimes. In fact, he was the only one who seemed disapproving when Jimin had suddenly introduced you as his girlfriend. He even outright told you that you shouldn’t date Jimin, but you didn’t listen. He had rambled on about Jimin not really liking you; or at least he wasn’t as passionate as he should be. But you didn’t listen, instead you instantly tattled on him to Jimin, who scolded the younger boy and patted your head, cooing how you were so good and loyal to your oppa. From that day, Jungkook’s genuinely inviting manner towards you had dampened.
Thinking back on that day was embarrassing. If you could go back in time, you wouldn’t hesitate to convince your past self to at least listen to Jungkook. Something was odd with the way Jimin was behaving. Now, it was too late, you knew what was happening and you wanted nothing more than for Jungkook to tell you what you should do. He had obviously predicted this, couldn’t he tell you how to fix it? Still, him looking at you like he understood was greatly appreciated. You turned to him, grasping his hands under the table, “ What do I do?” His shoulders sagged, as if he had just been given a huge burden. He didn’t want to immediately throw his hyung under the bus, or plant thoughts into your head.
“Y/N…” He murmured softly, tightening his grip on your hands. He caught Yoongi staring intently at the two of you, his phone resting idly in his hands. Leaning closer to you, Jungkook rested his lips against your ear and whispered,” When you and hyung met….he wasn’t nervous, but you were. If..if you really like a girl, you should at least be a little nervous, right? Now, he’s nervous and that girl isn’t. I don’t want to assume anything or think speak badly of my hyung, but…” He shifted his head back to look you in your eyes,”Please pay attention and watch for yourself, don’t just hang off of hyung’s every word.” The Golden Maknae sighed,”I want to tell you exactly what to do, but…we know how hyung gets when I do that and whenever he asks you directly, you always tell him.” Off to the side, Yoongi cleared his throat and Jungkook backed off, raising his hands onto the table in plain sight. Jimin sauntered over, his face still pink and biting his lips to keep from grinning. You hopelessly looked to Jungkook; he avoided your gaze. Your boyfriend sat across from you, playfully knocking his feet into your own as he winked. “How’s my favorite girl?” All that nervousness was gone, and so was your faith in him. Hiding your disappointment, you countered with, “What was the noona’s name? She was really pretty, oppa.”
His eyes brightened at the mention of her,”You really think so? Her name’s Eunsae. I tried telling her that, but she wouldn’t believe me.” Before you could reply, his focus shifted,”Jungkookie~” He sang, reaching across the table to grasp at the boy’s arms. As usual Jungkook shoved his grasping hands away and crossed his arms across his chest. Jimin giggled, adjusting his beanie and leaned further. “Ah~ Y/N, help me, we both know Jungkookie likes you more!” Unwillingly, Jungkook blushed and Jimin’s laugh died out. His eyes shifted between the two of you quietly. He took in your far off expression (the one he recalled Jungkook mentioning was cute once before Jimin had asked you out) and Jungkook’s embarrassed smile with a frown. “That’s because she doesn’t bother him,” Jhope interrupted abruptly, “Unlike some hyung of his.” Jimin’s smile returned and he was too preoccupied defending himself to notice Jungkook trying to meet your gaze. At that moment, something had tensed between, not only Jimin and you, but also Jimin and Jungkook. So when you dropped by the dorm a few days later, only to see Jimin and Jungkook on the floor fighting, you couldn’t entirely say that you weren’t expecting them to immediately drag you into it; and they did.
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