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I remember her smile. The endless feeling of warmth that fuses hearts for a quarter mile. An easy and painless time. I should be angry. Blazed with the fury of a thousand ghosts and Men with pointless frowns. So I got high. Flying with my heart in painful fractures. But I am not weak. My heart does not squeak. It bleeds and it is not angry at countless sheep. In my mind, her sins are contemptible but in my heart we shared dreams and moments of solace and animation. I wish I could pick up my phone and call. Just to talk. But I choose to move on. My heart will go on. My dreams of you will certainly die. There was truth. It was genuine and true. It was obvious to poets and real to nature. It was not jealous and honesty was a common venture. It was calm. It was love. I love you; that came first and after the smoke cleared.....I loved you...