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Would you rather touch Jimin's abs or re-dye V's hair?

This actually a hard one because I would love to touch Jimin's abs, but I also want to dye V's hair. There's also the fact that Jimin's abs are gone now. Still so proud of him though and I would be willing to touch his tummy as well. Hell, tbh, I would rather touch his arms but yeah that's not an option here so... Moving on, I could dye V's hair any colour and that excites me so much.

I would rather re-dye V's hair.

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I would rather touch Jimin's abs/tummy. We could have a poking fight!
2 years ago·Reply
redye V's hair because I love playing with hair.
2 years ago·Reply
can I apply to be their hairstylist
2 years ago·Reply
Touch Jimins abs, even if he doesn't have them any more. I, for whatever odd reason, have a habit of touching ppls stomachs anyways so *shrug* 😁
2 years ago·Reply
Re-dye V's hair because I like coloring people's hair lol plus I feel like I'll be a tomato if I touch Chim Chim's abs
2 years ago·Reply