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This is a very interesting outcome XD! 1.) The same company of that first group/person is the same company you belong to: JYP like oh-Got7 2.) The First singer is your BF:I'm saying by Lee Hong Gi 3.) Location of where you met.. (if its not a keyword in the song then refer to the music video if available): Where you at?- by JJCC omg where am I? XD 4.) The last singer of this song is trying to come between you two-I by teayeon 5.) The 3rd Singer/Rapper is your BFF: daesung 6.) The song your bf dedicated to you: It G Ma XDDD!l 7.) The song you dedicated back: Dream Girl! XDD wow that response lol. Crazy couple! 8.) The number of months/years of this group/person debut is the number of years you've been together: Block B her for 5 years 9.) The 1st song you danced at your wedding-To You by Teen Top awesome! 10.) Number of members signifies the number of children you had: Shinee 5 11.) The first rappers name is what you'll name your first: Jackson :D
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