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"Slowly..." "Slowly..." "Slowly..." "Slo-" "I GOT IT!" "DON'T YELL YOU'RE GOING TO MESS UP." "STOP PRESSURING ME." "I'M JUST SAYING TO DO IT SLOWLY." "YOU'RE BOTH ACTING LIKE CHILDREN. AND I'M YOUNGER THAN YOU BOTH. LET ME DO IT." "DON'T TOUCH IT YOU'RE GOING TO MESS IT UP." "THIS IS WHY I CANT WORK WITH YOU TWO." "HEY. YOU'RE FIRED." "YOU CANT FIRE ME. I'M YOUR SISTER." The cards stumbled over to Amber's side and I screamed. "I TOLD YOU TO DO IT SLOWLY!" Amber said. "IT WASN'T MY FAULT. I GOT FIRED!" I yelled back. We both looked at Melanie who had a card in her hand. "....Oops..." she said. "Want to catch her?" Amber said. "You know it" I replied back. Melanies' eye grew wide and she took off running out of my room. Amber and I looked at each other then ran after her. Amber caught her with ease and swung her around. Melanie was giggling and yelling out, "I surrender!" I laughed and grabbed my camera off of the counter and snapped different pictures of them as they laughed and smiled. The next day would be the concert and Amber has gone with the term of "Winging it," but I don't think it's even possible so we'll see what happens. For now we'll just enjoy this lazy day. We all went back to my room and I was smiling out of nowhere.. probably because I felt.. happy. "Yah! What are you smiling about!?" Yelled Melanie. I grinned and looked at her, "Just thinking about how lucky I am to have the two of you around." "Hey Amber?" Melanie called. "Yeah?" "Do you know how to sing?" "Yeah, and I can rap too! Why?" "Can you sing me a song?" Amber put her finger on her chin and made a pose as if she's thinking hard. "Sure. This song is one I wrote while growing up." Amber got off the bed and walked towards her backpack. She took out a few sheets and plopped back on the bed. "This song is called, 'Beautiful'" She took a deep breathe and started singing. I hung my head low, avoiding the sky, hiding The nights were endless in my dark heart, yeah yeah I couldn't spread my wings in this world that was like a small birdcage With struggling movements, I'll sing for you, who will come to me some day So my dreams that spread its wings can shine even more in the blue sky So my coldly shut heart can beat again, I'll go up in the sky to the stars Outside the door, I always had anxious scars I can only fly if I endured through the pain Those hurtful words deeply cut into my heart It hurt but I bit my tongue and endured I know I'm gonna heal and I'm always looking up Even if it's dark, I'm gonna find the light I will smile, I will keep smiling I'm a fighter, I won't ever give up I'll keep flying, fly, fly again My dreams wrap around the future me I'ma just be me yeah only me I'ma just be me yeah yeah I can fly higher without fear, even when I'm trapped in darkness Any kind of scar is beautiful to me I'm just happy, I'm happy to be myself I'm happy to be myself. At the end of the song Melanie had fallen asleep. Ambers' voice is so beautiful. This is the third time I hear her sing. That night.. *Flashback* We pulled apart and smiled at each other. Our foreheads still resting on each others. I couldn't evade the fast beating of my heart. The kiss is way different from the first one. Its one that.. makes me happier than anything else. One that can make me feel on cloud nine. "Let's go home?" She asked with an extended hand. I took her hand, as I grinned and replied with a nod. We reached my house and slowly entered without making any noise. As we laid in the bed, I asked her, "Sing for me?" Her head was on my stomach and I played with her hair. After a few seconds, she started. 'I sat on an empty street, an alleyway without you Looking at the busy people passing by In case I see you and hold you tight Here I am, here I stay, time won't stop In front of me, far away, I see the back that I missed, and it's calling out to me I'm running to you, love run My heart is pounding at this moment, every moment I'm running to you, love run Little by little, every moment, I'm getting closer Once again, run, I run, until you come back To my love, my love, because you're the one I can't forget the memories of you' She sang. I smiled as she adjusted her position to be laying next to me. She leaned in and was about to kiss me when there was a knock on the door. We both looked at each other, and then I slowly rose to my feet. I walked towards the door and opened it. There was Melanie with a stuffed animal. The night consisted of two very importaTagnt people of mine, meeting.
Had to reread it all, which is good cause I realized I missed some chapters (!!!!) but goodness I love this! I can't wait for their performance!