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So I was browsing Vingle and I came upon @KpopGaby card about kpop passwords. It was really creative A+ for you heh ^~^. And someone told me if I could show them my password so I thought I would share it with you all!!! @Lelulgc
Here it is!!! Yeah that looks pretty weird but I assure you it spells Vixx heh ^~^/ You see the top kind of shows two X's and that really long line going down serves as the I while the smaller line on the bottom connects to it making the V. Pretty neat right and I have tried doing it backwards but it proved to be difficult....maybe I could show you guys but thats only if people want me to ^~^ Now its not that start on the first line (vertical one to the left...) the first dot goes down to the second dot on the second line....after that it goes to the side back to the second dot on the first then go up to the first dot on the second line (up) Still with me??? You got one X down. Then from the first dot of the second line you go down to the second dot on the third line which you then lead it up to the first dot on the same line (if this is making sense) There second X done. From there go all the way down to the last dot on the first line then simply end going to the right to finish with the last dot..... I suck at explaining things!!!
I got so confused but then I got the hang of it! Dang, so smart!!! @AgentLeo
just accomplished it
👽now Ik how to unlock your phone MWAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAGAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH(clever tho very nice) AHAHAH👽👽👽
@KpopGaby hah sorry about that
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