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Lockscreen/Background Challenge
I saw this, and I though it would be fun to do
My lock screen is the amazing Rap Monster. I have listened to BTS for a while, but only recently did I try and learn everyone's names, and I instantly fell for Namjoon. His dimples are so adorable and kill me everytime he smiles.
My phone background is the beautiful boys of GOT7. I feel bad because poor Yugyeom is covered in the bottom corner. I love Mark and Jackson. Markson forever! But I wanted all my boys there.
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My lockscreen is Chanyeol from EXO. My background is Link from Legend of Zelda.
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mine are both gd btw i love ur homescreen
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Jimin is my home screen and jungkook is my lock. This why people are always asking me why I'm looking at my phone .
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