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Anime and Hip-hop join forces.

Anime and hip-hop lovers might just get a huge chance to unite thanks to a New York native who had a vision to create something amazing. Stephane Metayer is an artist and writer who happens to be both a anime and hip hop fan. You usually don't hear the two topics in the same sentence, but Stephane's love for the rapper Nas and his love for manga inspired him to create something amazing -- it all started in middle school.
Like Biggie, for Stephane it was all a dream and now because of his creativity and one small picture he drew one day -- something bigger could be in store. When you think of your typical manga or anime series, you usually don't think of it as being inspired by a rapper with a cast full of African American in the city. Thanks to creative minds, Tephlon Funk could be making its way to print and media -- with your help.
Without the inspiration from Nas (1994) debut classic album, 'Stilmatic' this idea would probably be non-existent. How awesome would it be to have both a print and television series that depicted real life issues we all happen to deal with on a daily basis. Stephane says, 'I always felt that there weren't enough stories out there that were able to successfully mix the two mediums seamlessly. Bring the best of both worlds into one dope project. I wanted the story to take place in New York City. Specifically Queensbridge since this was heavily inspired by "Illmatic." I've never seen an NYC based cartoon that really captured the true essence of living in this big city.'
This is super amazing if you ask me and even if you don't visit the kickstarter page [see here], spreading word about this possible venture counts towards something. If you're interested in hearing more about 'Tephlon Funk', keep scrolling and check out the video below. Remember, dreams can and do come true. Just believe.

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I'll definitely be showing my support.
this is awesome, isn't it!? I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago!
Yes! I hope it does too :) @shannonl5
Ooooh this looks awesome! I hope it gets full backing
@shannonl5 @poojas @christianmordi would you guys be interested in a series like this one? do you think it would last?
Wahhhhhh! I totally didn't see it. Sorry about that Vin! I'm about to check out your card now @VinMcCarthy