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Yeah I decided to go ahead and update this since a lot of you have been asking for it!!! Relaxing can be really boring sometimes so I write lol. >Part 2 >Part 1
Namjoon paced his apartment unable to keep still. Was this really happening? Jin was finally back…after all this time. He could finally fix the haunting mistake he made that day. He wouldn’t deny his feelings this time. Namjoon thoughts are interrupted by his doorbell. He walks to the door and opened it revealing a joyful J-Hope and an annoyed Suga. “Yah you’re finally here. What took you so long?” Namjoon beckoned them to come in. Suga rolled his eyes and walked into the apartment. “We got here as fast as we could even though you ditched us at the restaurant.” He looked at Namjoon accusingly. Namjoon laughed and scratched the back of his head. “Yeah…sorry about that hyung. But that’s actually why I called you guys here.” “Ahhhh so what’s going on?” Suga asked tiredly as he plopped down on the sofa. “Hey…are you okay? You seem exhausted. Well more than usual.” Namjoon looked at his hyung on the couch who yawned. J-Hope’s voice echoed from somewhere in the apartment. “You already know how he is Namjoon. Always tired…always cranky…” His voice trailed off. “And always ready to kick your ass. Now shut up will you?” Suga yelled back. J-Hope walks in to where Suga and Namjoon was and sat down on the opposite of Suga. “You see what I mean? He’s like a cranky ahjussi.” He smiled at Suga. Suga scowled back. Namjoon interrupted his friends quarrel. “You guys…we don’t have time for this. I brought you here for a reason.” “Well spit it out already. We’re waiting.” Suga mumbled. J-Hope nodded in agreement. “Okay…well…” Namjoon takes a deep breath. “I want to be a group again.” Namjoon says boldly. Suga and J-Hope eyes widen in shock. Namjoon ignores their expressions and continues. “Jin is finally back and this may be my only chance at correcting the wrong I did so long ago.” Namjoon stopped for a second. “Plus I miss you guys.” He added. J-Hope jumped up and started dancing. “I knew you would come back!!” Suga smiled. “Well, well, well. It’s about damn time. But I wonder if you’re still as good.” Namjoon laughed. “Hey I’m called Rap Monster for a reason. Talent like mine only comes once in a lifetime.” J-Hope seemed to question something as he stopped mid-dance. “So what’s our first move?”
Namjoon scratched the back of his head. “Yeah….that’s where you guys come in. I need you to find out as much as you can about Jin and why he’s back in Korea.” Suga pouted. “Fine we can do that. But what will you be doing while we’re working our butts off?” Namjoon smiled. “Well I have some writing to do. We can’t have a comeback without a new song.” J-Hope smile grew even wider. He grabbed Suga’s hand and dragged him to door. “Don’t worry RapMon. We’ll go get all the info you need!!” Now with it finally being peace and quiet Namjoon sat at his study desk and proceeded to write lyrics for their new song. It may have been a while but that didn’t mean anything to Namjoon. In less than a minute he was writing, putting all his feelings on paper. He was writing the last word when he hearsdthe door slam open. Namjoon turned from his desk to see J-Hope and Suga carrying bags of Chinese food. “Did you finish the song?” Suga said as he set the food down on the table. Alluring smells hit Namjoon in the face making his stomach grumble. “Depends did you guys find anything?” Namjoon asked while grabbing the chopsticks J-Hope was handing to him. Suga nodded. “Yah so apparently he’s debuting in this new group. No rappers only singers.” Namjoon chewed slowly. He wasn’t that surprised at all. Jin was always talented. Any company would die to have him. “How many members?” J-Hope spoke up. “There’s supposedly three other members. So not all that big surprisingly.” He stuffed a piece of chicken in his mouth. “Mmmmmm....” Suga grabbed a napkin. “We couldn’t get their names.” Namjoon smiled at his friends. “Good job guys. You did better than expected.” J-Hope grinned. “That’s not all!! We also found out where their supposed to be having their debut party.” Namjoon almost choked on his rice as he processed what he just heard. When he could finally breath he spoke. “Debut party?” J-Hope nodded like a maniac. “Yepp!! And turns out they needed an opening act. So we signed our group up.” Namjoon looked at Suga in disbelief. Suga nodded in agreement confirming what J-Hope said. He poked his chopsticks at the younger. “That song better be good if you want to impress him.” Namjoon assured them it was. They smiled at him and they all finished their meal. After playing around a bit Suga announced that it was time to leave. J-Hope reluctantly left saying that they would be back tomorrow. Namjoon waved them goodbye. But before they could set foot on the elevator Namjoon called out to them. “Hey!!” They looked back at him with a curious look. “When is this debut party?” Namjoon completely forgot about asking that. Suga yawned. “Oh that…its in three days.” With that they left a shocked Namjoon in the doorway and left. Namjoon closed his door and repeated Suga words. “Three days….” He felt nervous but also happy. In three days he would finally get to fix the wrong and find love again. He was determined. For the first time in a long time Namjoon fell asleep with a smile on his lips.
Namjoon looked at his phone and saw that it was Suga messaging him again. Suga Boy: If you’re not out in the next five minutes I’m calling this whole thing quits. Namjoon knew he wasn’t messing around. It had almost been half an hour since they arrived and he was still deciding on what to wear. He texted a reply. “I’ll be out in a sec okay?” Namjoon hoped J-Hope could hold Suga off for a little while longer. He returned his attention to his closet. Hmmmm what would Jin like? At that moment his phone ringed again as he got another message. It was Suga again. Suga Boy: You said that thirty minutes ago. Now get your but out here now. If we're late its gonna be your ass. Namjoon decided he shouldn't waste any more time and chose a low cut designer shirt that showed a respectable amount of his chest. He then picked out his favorite pair of black leather pants and jacket. He added on to the look with his gold chain, bracelet, and ring. He finished it with his classic black Converse. He raced downstairs to meet an unhappy Suga and a worried J-Hope. J-Hope’s face seemed to lighten at the sight of him. “Yah…you should be more respectful of time RapMon.” Namjoon apologized and got into the passenger side of Suga’s car. “Sorry hyung. But hey you guys look really nice.” He wasn’t just saying that either. J-Hope was wearing a white tee with leather pants. He also had a black coat and a gold chain. It was simple but it worked well. Suga on the other hand looked like a total boss. His long black leather coat seemed to flow around him. He also wor leather pants with black Air Jordans. He wore one ring and a bracelet giving him an elegant touch. Suga waved him off. “Yeah yeah…you don’t look so bad yourself considering you spent an hour getting ready.” Namjoon grinned guiltily. Suga rolled his eyes and drove off. They were there in under 15 minutes. They all stepped out and looked at the building. Namjoon was unbelievably nervous. The time had finally come. Suga yawned and stretched. “Well…let the party begin.” He walked in and Namjoon and J-Hope followed him.

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