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my opinion..chill
im still sitting here wondering how people like everyone on here are possible....i still sit here alone, single, and depressed, with nothing and its not helping with the perfectly imperfect people on here
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Sometimes it's hard to see how amazing you are, yourself. Depression, low self-esteem, and sadness all cloud our view of ourselves. I don't know you but I can promise you that you are a beautiful and unique individual. Everyone is. If you ever need to talk, rant, whatever. I am here, you are apart of my kpop family and I care. ♡
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@kat121 couldnt have said it better
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yes thank u but im not good at being positive i really suck at it and its so awesome that u guys say the things for others to feel better when its quite hard for them to stay happy
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@VictoriaRose217 if u stop thinking about the negative things u r thinking right now u will feel better, thing is no one can make u feel better if u arent willing to put effort
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