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Summary:You had always heard of women finding out unexpectedly that their boyfriend was cheating. But how many could say they sat there and watched the attraction unfold?
When you dropped by the dorm a few days later, only to see Jimin and Jungkook on the floor fighting, you couldn’t entirely say that you weren’t expecting them to immediately drag you into it; and they did. Jungkook, restrained by Rap Monster and Jhope, was shouting,”You’re despicable, hyung! She trusted you-!” “And I trusted you! You’re no better!” This was retorted from Jimin who was held back by V and Jin. In between the two groups was Yoongi, a scowl on his face as he scolded the them, all while trying to figure out was was going on. You noticed that he had his arms stretched out between them, acting as some sort of barrier incase one of them got free. Occasionally, Yoongi would raise a threatening finger at Jungkook or Jimin when they got to close to each other. Turning and leaving seemed to be a good idea right now. As you slowly turned back towards the door, the sound of a shoe hitting the wall gathered the attention of the room. Glancing down you saw one of boy’s shoelaces tangled with yours. By now the room was silent. Facing the living room once more, you saw all the boys staring at you standing there awkwardly. Jimin locked eyes with you and immediately tugged at his restraints to get to you. Seeing him move around, Jungkook began protesting, “Don’t let him go to her, hyung!”
Jin and V cast a quick glance to the maknae before sharing a look. By the way Jungkook was acting, it seemed Jimin did something bad to you, but you were his girlfriend, not Jungkook’s. They didn’t really have any right or authority to keep Jimin away from you. Still not too sure on what was going on, they released him anyway. Yoongi tensed, when Jimin stood there for a moment, sending a smug look to Jungkook. The moment he took a step towards you unrestrained, Jungkook lunged out, slipping out from Rap Monster and Jhope’s grip as well as completely shoving Yoongi out of the way. He managed to get a finger looped through Jimin’s bracelet and pull with all his strength. The usually playful Jimin didn’t hesitate in turning back on Jungkook, but didn’t get far as Yoongi shoved his way back in between them. “Sit down!” He snapped, two handedly shoving Jimin back. Huffing, Jimin stood there stiffly, looking for a way around Suga. “I said sit down,” He repeated.
Rolling his eyes, Jimin turned towards the couch, which had been pushed back at an angle in the fight. In one fluid motion, he continued past the couch, his arm wrapping around your waist as he led you through the front door. He kicked the door shut, muffling Jungkook’s vehement shouting which only got louder as he led you away from it. You watched as he ran his hand through his disheveled hair and rubbed his nose with the back of his hand. The walk down the hall was quiet, Jimin’s fingers progressively digging deeper into your hip as Jungkook’s muffled, “Y/N!” echoed through the halls. When it got to the point where it felt like his nails were pressing into your bare skin, you flinched, pushing his hand away from you. To your horror, he, without missing a beat, twisted his wrist and snatched up your forearm before forcefully tugging you back to his side, his arm wrapping around your waist once more. “I’m your boyfriend, Y/N, don’t shove me away.” You felt a protest bubbling from your lips, but it died out as his grip loosened and he whispered,” I’m sorry..I probably scared you. I didn’t mean to be so aggressive, I just…you pushing me away hurts.” Jimin licked his lips,”And when you did that, I kinda just, I don’t know, I thought for a moment if I was Jungkook you probably wouldn’t have done that and it made me angry and I just reacted.” You felt his fingertips slip under your shirt, calmly rubbing over the indentations from his nails. As you both came to a halt in front of the elevator, you watched him pressed the down button. What puzzled you was that he was holding his finger there longer than necessary, his nail bed turning a purplish color with the pressure. After a few seconds with the door still not opening, he pressed it again, then began pounding on the button with the palm of his hand. You grasped his hand and held it to your body, “Jimin,” you murmured,”Be patient.” He nodded quietly, rubbing at his face again while pulling his arm away. A ding resounded from the door as they slid open. He got on before you backing into a corner and leaning against the railing. As the door closed, your phone began to vibrate. Fishing it out, you heard his voice pipe up, “Who’s that?”
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tag me in the next one please!
Aish! Jinjja!!! Honestly, I hope she's with Jungkook cause Jimin is just... Uh uh, full of disrespect with her. Not fair man. Jimin needs to go somewhere. Although he's freaking cute asf, he's just... 😔.
hey could you tag me in these please?? they are so good!
tag in the next please?