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Well, one of my friends decided that he wanted to be the one to show me my first ecchi anime so he showed me none other than Monster Musume. I found that this anime had a very intriguing "plot", indeed every week I waited for Saturday to arrive so I could discover what new bits of "plot" would would be revealed. And this anime never failed to deliver, there were several bits of "plot" I did not see coming and other bits that are just to quirky to explain. However, besides the "plot" there were other characteristcs that were amusing. For example, the main character's name is mentioned two, or maybe three times total in the anime. Also the main character usually just has white circles in place of eyes so you know shits getting real when they actually decide to give the poor dude pupils. Furthermore, he always seems to get wrecked every episode, like getting his arm dislocated or kidnapped or run into a steel pole headfirst, yet somehow just walks it off. Also, go Papi
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I am not ashamed for having watched Monster Musume, I just don't tell people.