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Many idols from pre-debut and/or debut to NOW have changed their looks: hairstyle, hair color, style, body/figure, etc. Some because of plastic surgery, some because of a stylist or trainer, and some because of luck... Frickin luck called: puberty. - Yo I thank your parents and hey why don't you lend me some of you genes? - Here are some examples of some beautiful creatures:

Jungkook from BTS

Wonho from Monsta X

Xiumin and Chanyeol from EXO

Jimin from BTS

Chanwoo from iKon

Wonpil from DAY6

Donghyuk from iKon

Sungjin from DAY6

馃槩aw it's not fair... Fingers crossed - I mean I know I'll never reach this level of beauty but something better than what I'm at right now :) - Let's appreciate these boys ((many other idols have had a successful time with puberty obviously but here's just a few))
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Xiumin and Chanyeol really glowed up!!! 馃槂馃槀
@ChaErica At least you got taller 馃槶
Life lesson from this card: I'M PRE-DEBUTE! So I still have hope haha 馃槀
@DalyRomero Haha yeah true. 馃槀
I still look the same but gained wait but you know what I still love the way I am. if I lose weight cool but I was lucky and have a baby face so I am ok with puberty.