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Exo Seasons Greetings for the end of 2015 have caught my eye... - DAHWWW this is a great concept! So cute! Well, some how, they can pull off stickers in a sexy way?! AGGG why you do this to me? They look absolutely fineeeee馃槒馃槒
My favorite things about this...not that u care tho: 鈥IUMINS purple hairrr 鈥HENS dinosaur mustache~ 鈥AYS whale (related to MV?) 鈥AI (no comment needed) 鈥HANYEOLS stickers are just~ Mmm~ 鈥UHOS tiny smirk like okayyyy 鈥O rocks that nose sticker tho 鈥AEKHYUN (again, no comment I just- no.) 鈥EHUN should close his mouth
I feel like this is what would happen if they ever had kids and fell asleep while babysitting.....THEN SOMEHOW SEXILY PULLING OFF. JUST SHOWING OFF HOW PERFECT GOD MADE THEM. ;_____;
They seriously give me heart pain LOL OMG Chanyeol , why you gotta be so fine?!?!
Mmmmm Sehunnie
is it just me or does Suho have a baby face here?
chanyeols is the bestttt