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1. Disappoint Jin... I don't want break Hobi's heart... 2. Omg Totally Re-dye Taehyung's hair... I love hair... And I love Kim Taehyung... 3. Um... Well I am not a fighter so I would probably have to say Suga cuz I would end up just hugging him... Let's say in terms of a hug fight, I would love to hug fight Suga... 4. Tell Jin he is not boring because Jimin knows he is beautiful... 5. Again with the fighting??? I would say V cuz I would again just end up hugging him... Again Hug fighting for the win... 6. RapMon I guess because I am a bad dancer and it would boost RapMon's dance ego... 7. Kiss J-Hope duh... Kookie is still an innocent child... No hickeys... 8. Omg I don't want to punch anyone... I would just hug Suga... 9. Um I can't answer this one cuz I don't want to take either of those away from those boys... 10. Shave RapMon's head... Hair grows back faster than a broken bone... Besides why would anyone want to hurt precious Hobi??? 11. Party with RapMon because stages scare me... 12. Jin the Mom definitely... Kookie doesn't need to see half of what I write... 13. NamJin for the win... Hehehehe... 14. Jimin because I would ask him for a entire day... That way I could get to know him and he could get to know me... 15. Go to carnival with V... Although cuddling with Suga was tempting... 16. Take RapMon to a Kanye West concert because hell would freeze over before I ever attended a 1D concert... 17. J-Hope of course, Kookie is too innocent... 18. Jimin... Hehehehe cuz his eye squinting smiles would make me work harder... 19. And of course V cuz he is my bias afterall...
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I agreed with some lol.Definitely cuddle suga over taking v to a carnival,definitely shave namjoons head before breaking hobis cheek bones...I mean ouch and that would destroy his face.Namjoon will still look good with shaved head probs.Definitely love jin and rapmon but I think jikook is cuter.
@ArielaPicazo But Jin mom and Nam dad are so much cuter together...
Nooo!rapmon and jin are cuter than jimin and jungkook but jikook is cuter than namjin.
@ArielaPicazo LOL I guess we will just have to agree to disagree my friend