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I need this. Maybe it will make me feel less lonely x3
@KaminariHana well I have no one now and probably never will so hinata will just be my best and only friend :P
I bought one it's pretty great actually mine is Yuno Gasai. Now it does have a more umm ha sexual side to it but I keep it on the decent side. There's nothing wrong with having one honestly I don't fucking hump it or make out with my pillow I just cuddle it up and fall asleep it's pretty neat. Now I have had people walk in my room and I can tell they judge me and go oh man he's a freak but that's not the case. I know what I do and how I am so I personally don't give a flying fuck. So I don't think you should either 👍🏼 I bought mine on Amazon you have to buy the body pillow and the cover separate and when doing so ya gotta make sure the cover will fit the pillow so make sure you check the size of the pillow and cover. @wakleyjj @AshChrimson
I love my hinata pillow ^_^
@Dlopez031113 the one I want is a bit more sexual plus it is the whole pillow and all for 40$ its nice xD
Well will you cuddle with me then? @KaminariHana
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