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Suga & V's condition causes BTS to cancel Japanese concert + results from CT scans

This is what i was afraid of...

I honestly think they over worked this year. This condition is bad, i didn't follow BTS from the beginning of this year but from what i see their schedule doesn't make sense to me. YES, they did amazing this year and they deserves the world after all the hard work. They are indeed amazing and hard workers, but getting to this extent is bad and dangerous.
I love the boys, I am so proud of them they did their best these years. But please, please, please, they're humans too... They need rest, not only 2 or 3 hours per day, that's ridiculous. Did they get some rest this year?? HYYH pt.1 promotions (music shows, fanmeetings, concerts, etc.), then followed by Dope, then TRB concerts, then HYYH pt.2 promotions, and other activities that i didn't mention... On top of that their "behind the scene" activities, such as their contribution towards the albums could take a lot of their rest time. Suga produced a lot of music, J-hope contribution to their dance, and the other members contributions too! As much as i want to blame Big Hit, i can't because I don't know the real cause or anything like that.
V uploaded a video in @ BTS_twt twitter yesterday. He looked like he had fun after the concert in Japan, but i can see he's very tired. I thought that maybe it's just because he's tired after the concert, but then i saw this article... I am dead worried.

What are your thoughts?

i think bighit did the right thing by cancelling, this is just to remind us how bitch-like SM is @ChaErica yes ikr!
@ChaErica Yes i agree, no matter which groups it is they should have enough rest since they're all humans!
They should be able to rest for the holidays! It's unfair! I was watching VIXX perform for a holiday special and they all looked extremely tired as well. I know VIXX isn't BTS but I'm sure all the groups are tired! I feel so bad for them!!
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