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She had stayed quiet most of the morning while they were packing up their things. No one said anything because she was also quiet the day before. The truck was all packed up and everyone was standing around it.
“Kookie let’s walk home together there isn’t enough room in the truck with everything.” He just nodded and moved closer to her.
“I’m coming too you suck at walking long distances.” V said sternly. Nabi looked at Kookie biting her lip.
“Yea you can come I don’t mind.” Jungkook smile at him.
“Jimin stop making that face you can come too. Hyungs just take the truck back us young ones will walk her home.” Jungkook was very light but stern with his words.
The four of them grabbed their backpacks and headed towards the edge of the woods in the direction of the town. It was quiet the whole way across the opening and most of the way through the woods. Jungkook walked next to Nabi, Jimin following some ways behind them looking like a lost puppy following someone home. V was next to him looking around watching for any danger.
“So is everything okay between you two?” V had leaned in so that only Jimin could hear him.
“I- I really hope things are. She isn’t mad anymore but I still have to work on being able to get close with her again.” Jimin sighed deeply.
“What exactly did your ex say that made such a rift between you two like that? Or was it that you’re still with her despite what she said about her.” V was a little confused.
“I think it’s because I’m still with her even though she said some really terrible things about my best friend.” Jimin forgot that Nabi had told him that was the reason she was upset. He really didn’t deserve her kindness of lying to the others. She should have just told them what happened and then maybe they would have given him a beaten for it. It wouldn’t hurt nearly as bad as he felt now. Jimin lifted his eyes watching Nabi and Jungkook talk amongst themselves about the trees and other nonsense.
Maybe she had a new best friend now, one who wouldn’t hurt her in anyway. He was somehow happy to see how close they were becoming to one another. She deserved to have someone like that. Someone she could tell all her secrets to like she once had with him. Someone to bring her ice cream when she’s had a bad day like he once did. Someone to protect her from the world the way he couldn’t even protect her from himself.
They had made it back into town and each of them said their goodbyes as they made it to the street where their house was. It was only Nabi and Jungkook making their way to her house. She had to tell him that way Yoongi couldn’t blind side him when they talked. He was going to be mad at her but she would rather him find out from her that from elsewhere.
“Hey Kookie” She stopped at her gate not going in just yet.
“Yea noona?”
“I well…I need to tell you something. You’re going to be mad at me but I want to be the one to tell you.”
“Yea what is it? I doubt I’ll be mad at you.”
“I uh……I told Yoongi you liked him.”
“YOU WHAT? Why the hell did you do that?”
“He kissed me and I panicked. I want you to have a chance too.”
Omg Nabi... Next chapter right now or you are grounded...
It's me through the boys
I'm writing it calm down
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*hand @SugaOnTop the knife* you got me real good with that one so just do it! just gut me and get it over with! PS I'll be in the corner of my room crying for the next hour if you need me I'll be on tumblr searching for happy things while listening to butterfly on repeat and drowning in my tears.
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