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Caption Contest!
inspired by @BryceTerao Give the funniest caption for Mavis and/or the other three. Make it funny! Give your captions today! Plz be specific of who the caption belongs to like "Mavis: ~" or "Master: ~" thx and have fun!
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Mavis: I hate them so much now they said I had a mustache *cries* master says to other three: HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW IT WAS A BUG??!!
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mavis - makarov just said i have a flat chest*cries* other 2 - omg, how could he say that to her and...........SHE IS CRYING!!!!!!!!! makarov - *says to himself*I thought i whispered that to myself?
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Mavis - Natsu and I were just watching Netflix and chilling, than master makrov walked in without knocking makarov - not even I can unsee what I just witnessed. other 2 - 馃槺馃槓
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Makarov- What do you mean you told her it was "Pico no Boku"??!!? Mavis- T.T They have stolen my innocence.
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