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There was quick rapid buzzing coming from the intercom at the gate. Nabi ran downstairs wondering who was being so annoying when she was about to go to bed. She looked at the intercom and saw Jungkook face close to the camera. She unlocked the gate for him and went to the door to greet him not caring that she was in her pjs. She opened the door to see him dragging two suitcases and his back pack his headphones around his neck and skate board under his arm.
“Where the hell are you going with all that stuff.” She had just left him that afternoon.
-flash back-
“He kissed me and I panicked I’m sorry. I wanted you to have a chance.”
“He kissed you?”
“He figured out that I like him and so he kissed me. He’s been upset because he couldn’t understand why we were acting how we were if I liked him. He thought we were a couple. He wasn’t just going to accept it without knowing the truth.”
“Wait you like him too?”
“That’s all you got from that? Yes I do but I want it to be fair between us and I don’t want him coming between us.”
-end flash back –
“My dad kicked me out of the house. Apparently they found out because this girl from my school told her mom who is friends with my mom and then mom told dad. As soon as I got home he was grilling me about everything and instead of lying to him for some reason I just couldn’t help but tell the truth. I told him that there was a man I liked but it was only one. He told me one or a thousand he wasn’t going to have a faggot in his house. I went to my room to get some things and found everything already packed and my mom crying holding my picture. She said that she would ask him to at least help me pay for collage after I graduate in a few months. I doubt he will he completely disowned me.” Jungkook looked like he was seconds away from crying but tears were not even welling up in his eyes.
“So after thinking for a few hours you decided to come ask me if you can live here?”
“How did you know?”
“You wouldn’t still have your bags if you found somewhere else.” He chuckled nervously but she just grabbed one of his bags helping him inside.
“I have another bedroom you could use. I know you probably thought of your hyungs but none of them have a spare room for you so I’m glad you came here so you wouldn’t have to sleep on a couch or something.” She carried it up the stairs him following behind her quietly.
“Have you turned into a mute?” She turned around inside the spare room that just had a bed in it. “Sorry I don’t really have guests so there isn’t anything but a bed but there is a closet. We can get you some furniture and don’t worry about rent the house is paid for the only thing is utilities and food. Only worry about food okay?”
“Thank you noona you’re always so good to me.” He hugged her tightly she thought he was going to break her. She could feel the tears soak her shoulder as he finally just let go everything sinking in all at once. She just stood there holding him.