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Wait a minute and hold the train there is something important tat we are missing here...
"What are you talking about" Seungri + Airport = A Sassy Mofo
Like yes Seungri ♡♡
It's not a runway but he's slaying it
He's putting my airport fashion to shame
This is the way it was meant to be done
*On A Date With Seungri* Seungri: Where are we going Me: the Airport Seungri: oh are we going to Hawaii or something Me: no, just the airport Seungri: why Me: we gotta...
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@xroyalreisx Dragon vs. Panda... I think we know who's gonna win.
@helixx the panda since the dragon just can't get enough haha
@kwonofakind hugs and kisses to you for creating this card. Wow Seungri looks so good here. 😘
Dude, I was gonna compliment panda until you put that seungri and GD gif and FREAKIN GD BITING HIS LIP AND LICKING IT AND LOOKING AT HIM AND AND AND~ ahhhhhhh *faints*
@catchyacrayon but I couldn't help it nyongtory is my life♡♡♡ GRi I just can't with them, like I wanna be GDragon but the same time I want to be Seungri ...BECAUSE THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HIM I JUST ASJFKGLAJKL!!