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Who would win in an all out fight? Both are masters of all Elemental techniques and have pretty impressive feats at very young ages! My money would have to be on Kakashi because of the Sharingan, anyway let's start a debate on who would win. Smash that like button
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@MalcolmAllen Aang does use chakara. I mean if you've seen the episode about onion and banana juice. "chakara, chakara, everyone like chakara. Yum!"
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Aang towards the end of his life was a full master of the elements and a master of chakra. Plus he can block Kakashi's chakra I'm going to give it to Aang
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Kakashi would win cause he can do more than just elements, and to note the rasengan is not Air element until it was formed into rasenshuriken, the rasengan was Chakra alone!!!
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I think Kakashi but I also think Aang is going to win so I am gping to choose Aang
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kakashi's a boss 馃槒
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