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Who would win in an all out fight? Both are masters of all Elemental techniques and have pretty impressive feats at very young ages! My money would have to be on Kakashi because of the Sharingan, anyway let's start a debate on who would win. Smash that like button
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@DavidPatrick16 Was about to comment the same thing about the Rasengan. Lol
I like both but hands down kakashi
I'm sorry I know everyone with disagree but I'll pick Aang I just think he'll win even thou kakashi has the sharnigan it only copies ninjustsu and Aang uses elements and I've always loved Aang also he does have momo that is a key factor in the Berry eating factor and I mean who doesn't wanna blue triangle on their forehead
I think Kakashi but I also think Aang is going to win so I am gping to choose Aang