Sarang Pov * Wednesday * * Lunch Hour* " Are we going to visit Amber hyung today ?" Jeonghan said eating the pizza I made for us. " Yeah, we're  going to see her today. Wait, don't tell me you gonna call her hyung too?" I laughed. " Well, you call her oppa so it's only fair plus she's so manly. " He said dreamily. " Ew, why you had to say it like that~? I guess that you and Amber oppa would be a cute but strange couple. " I said and he almost chocked. " W-what * cough * I just met her yesterday and I'm not into girls. Plus you and Amber hyung was loveadubbing yesterday anyways." He said defensively and I laughed. " Hush it Minnie's minion ! Mess with me and I'll even make a ship name.Oh~ I can make a fanfic and post all over Tumblr. " I said continuing to eat. " ANYWAYS~~~~New subject . So when are you going to teach me how to cook?" he pushed his shoulder against mines. I laughed and put my pizza down. " When I'm not lazy and you're not just sleeping everywhere then I will" I said laughing atpouting Jeonghan. " I do not sleep everywhere! It was just those two times since I'm used to going home after school to sleep. "  " You kind of do. Remember last year when you got in trouble for sleeping in the studio on top of the grande piano." A familiar voice said sitting at our table. Me and Jeonghan looked up to see Joshua ,  Woozi , Leonardo Dicarpio look-a-like  , and a new face I haven't seen before . " I was so tired because of all the work I had to do for the vocal finals that year. I barely got any sleep because of it. " Jeonghan pouted. " Alright alright, sleeping beauty you need your sleep. " I said patting his head. " Um, h-hi Joshua, Woozi, and-" "Hansol but I go by Vernon and this is  our  chingu ,Seongcheol. He's in our dance class too. He just hasn't been to school a few days. "Vernon slightly pushed the new face that's apparently in the same dance class as me.  The new face waved and smiled. He had really pretty eyes and so did Vernon-ssi now that I have a closer look at him. " Oh,  what brings you guys to our table?" Jeonghan asked.  " I wanted to get to know more people but everyone else is too stuck up for me other than these chingus here so I just followed them here . " Seongcheol-ssi shrugged with a smile. Me and Jeonghan looked at the others .  " I'm here the same reason of Seongcheol but since I thought you was cool Sarang I guess that's part of why I'm here. " Vernon chuckled.  " W-well ... Uh ... " Joshua smiled awkwardly.  " What he trying to say is we wanted to try being friends.  I guess what you told us the other day made us think a little. How could we judge someone without actually knowing them? We want to try to become you and Jeonghan-ssi's friend." Woozi rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled. Jeonghan looked at me curiously and smiled, "  What did you tell them Sarang?" I literally felt like I crawled back into my turtle shell.  That smile was not my angel it's the devil. " S-see what happen was- " "Uhhmm" He hummed . "  Th-They wondered why I stood up for you even though I knew you for a short time . So I told them how amazing  and pretty our angel Jeonghan is.  " I said nervously. " Oh-    you didn't have to tell them that Sarang. Thank you anyways. " He smiled and pat my head. The rest laughed as I flinched. " Nicknames! That's one way to make us closer. Um , Jeonghan-ssi ... I like angel. It fits you so I'll call you angel also. "  Seongcheol said smiling.  " I agree it fits you. " Vernon said and the rest agreed.  " Woozi and Joshua already have names so what about Sarang?" Jeonghan said happily. " U-uh guys you don't ha-" " What about Ms.Fluffy or kitty or just fluffy?" Vernon said a little too happily. Ha , fluffy? He's basically calling you a fat cat. That's a new one.  I mentally cringed but smiled anyway.  " Why fluffy?" Seongcheol laughed. " Because she reminds me of this cat my sister gotten for her birthday. Plus, she's like a cat or a pup or something cute and fluffy. " Vernon smiled. Fat cat~  " B-But im not fluffy." I said getting totally ignored. " I agree and touch her hair! It's soft like fur!" Jeonghan said as the table started touching my hair. I flinched a little ...  " S-stop it~!"  " Oh my god it is!" Joshua said surprised and the others agreed. " I'm not fluffy~" I pouted . " Okay, how about we just called her Gonyangie-shi? She complaining that's she's not fluffy. " Woozi said and the table agreed.  " Why can't I live in peace~~" " Aw, it's okay grumpy goyangie~~" Jeonghan ruffled my bangs.  I sighed and everyone chatted on. " Goyangie~~~" Jeonghan cooed at me.  " What angel-face?"  " What you have for your  sub class today?" He asked. I forgot that today I switch my subs Wednesday and Thursday since I have more than one sub.  I looked at my schedule and seen I had vocal class 7th hour. " Um~, I still have  composition next hour but I have vocal 7th today and tomorrow. Then back to dance on Friday. " I said and Jeonghan cheered. " Yay!~ We'll be in the same class 7th hour. It's kind of scary being there without you since you know queenka is there. "he said. " Me and Joshua have vocal also so you don't have to be alone. " Woozi smiled. Jeonghan returned the smile. We all continued talking about random things the rest of the lunch period. It felt as if we all were friends for a long time and I finally felt happy around people that I can call my friends.  Enjoy it while you can sweetie. Remember the last time you felt this way? They all left you once they knew so what would make this any different?  Yongguk Pov " Hyung~~ pali pali ! By the time you're done my lunch break be over. I want my cheesecake~" He whined like a little kid at the door of my studio. I smiled at the youngin's attempts to hurry me out of my work. I quickly packed up the rest of my work and put in my bag. " Alright alright~ I'm coming stop whining. "  We walked out my studio and drove to a cafe' that was close to the building. We settled down at a table a little bit away from people and Dae of course ordered his cheesecake. I ordered a sandwich and a coke.  " So how's the rugrats been ? Wait, I know that little fluff ball is probably still being a fluff ball . How is Haru doing?" Dae asked as he stuff his face with cheesecake.  " Yeah, Minnie is still a fluff ball.  Haru... ahhh I wouldn't say she's the same exactly." " Oh what's wrong now?" " Well, I would say her and Minnie is a lot happier now . She's improved social wise with her classmates and she even top her class last testing period." I said sipping my coke. " Haru socializing? Is it the end of the world or did a miracle happened?"  " Maybe both. " I chuckled " I think Sarang helped her change a little. Sarang is giving her the extra love she needs so I guess that's what made that miracle. "  " Really? i knew pretty legs was a angel . You better be happy I love cheesecake or I would-" " Pretty legs? Dae, don't forget I will kill you. " I said once again to my perverted cheesecake loving friend.  " Fine fine. I mean I looked at her legs when she came out in her uniform but I swear that's all!" he admitted. I looked at him accusingly but I let it go this time. " Leave the young girl alone. Anyways, I am worried though. "  " Why? Seems like the kid is doing fine." he said continuing to stuff his face. " Last week , Hara came home drunk and shit happened. Haru heard some stuff she wasn't supposed to hear  said some things her umma didn't like, got slapped, and cried. " I tried to sum it up as much as I can. " So pretty much, Hara came home after her ' schedule' drunk  said she never wanted the kids, Haru heard her and called Hara out . Hara being the drunk bitch she is slapped Haru and she fucking left . Haru yelled at you for marrying that sick broad of a mother." " That's about right. " leave it up to Dae to understand my strange summaries.  " I ain't mad at her though. I hate the pretty face bitch too."  " Dae that's my wife we talking about. Chill on the name calling okay. I know she aint the best but I still love her. " " Bullshit. Also, don't tell me you forgave her after hitting your kid. " he said putting his fork down. I sat in silence as he looked at me judging me. " Dae.... I couldn't let go "  He scuffed and sat back angrily. " Also, I'm a little worried she's getting attached to Sarang a little too much. Her math teacher said she overheard her and Mr.Jung talking about Sarang. She said she wish that Sarang was her mother and that she wants her to be my wife other than Hara. It's getting out of control and I'm scared once it's time for Sarang to leave after she's done with the program she will break again. I can't go through that again. I want her and Hara to fix their problem."   " Oh my fucking god. When are you gonna wake up Hyung? You should've fell out of love with the pretty face bitch when she told the media that Haru was adopted. " " Dae....I-" " No hyung that's some straight bs. If I was the kid I wouldn't call her my fucking mother either. She's a bitch and she's using you. Fucking around with another person and using you and the kids as a cover up.  Shit, I only talked to Sarang for awhile and I know she's way better at taking better care of people than that pretty face bitch.  She might even be whatchu need in your life. I'm sad to say that since I want her but hey I'm a good friend. Let that bitch go and go find a real love" I knew he was right but Hara isn't as bad as they put her. I know that but I know she's not good for me either. I just.. " Dae , I just can't let go.  Sarang is just a little girl , Dae. She has her whole life ahead of her. I don't want to make her responsible for my kids and also who said I even liked her that way?" I said and he looked at me with his head cocked to the side.  " Alright, you say that now. I know you Yongguk and I know what you used to like before that bitch came . She's what you've been looking for since we was in middle school. " " And how would you know that?" I asked and he sighed. " Dude, I'm the company's secretary for god sakes. I know more things about her than whatchu think and know. I also know my bestfriend and I know what type of people he'll fall for. If you that blinded by her then fuck it I'll take her. " 
" I think you a little late on that. I think she's in a relationship with a tomboy girl named Amber so either of us can't have her. God you should see how they act around each other . She even calls her oppa. Dae... Oppa . Oh and did i forget that even she's close with Mr.Jung . ' Oppa hope style' she calls him. So get in line with the rest of them. " I chuckled and he smirked. " Why are you smirking?" " Oh nothing hyung but in all seriousness.... Hyung you gotta let her go. She's poisoning you and this family. I know you two have a long history but look at how it turned out. Tragic love don't always come to a happy ending , hyung. I'm telling this for your own good. Let . Her. Go." " I know Dae but at least I should try . If she lets go I will let go; that's what I promised myself. " he sighed and started grabbing his jacket.  " Well, that's all on you. I don't want you to become in anymore pieces but if you want to go to the end all I can do is support till then and after. Lunch is about to be over sot hurry and lets go. " We left the cafe' and went back to work. I knew what he said was somewhat true but again I'm too weak to let her go.  ~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N Well hey guys!!! I hope you guys had a great Christmas!!!!!! I was going to give this chapter and another chapter for a Christmas present but things got accidentally deleted. Knowing me I gave up completely and just restarted a few days after. I stayed up all night trying to figure out what to do next. I hope you guys like it . It's a little short and a lot of cursing but hey I'm sleepy . My sleepiness= many curse words. I will update most likely later in the afternoon so look out for it. Excuse me if there's some typos. Too tired to edit so here goes.... raw writing out of the dome...... Yeah i need to go to sleep XD.  ENjoy~~  SL<3    
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