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Well....well...well a certain two of my favorite oppas have made the cut for 2015 most handsome faces!!!
Congratulations to my man Taeyang for ranking #24 for 2015's list♡♡♡
Like Taeyang is a Babe
Imagine waking up next to this in the morning ♡♡
Wait, what's that .....Taeyang isn't the only member who's made the list?
Congratulations to T.O.P for ranking #8 for this year's list ♡♡ You deserve it look at your beautiful face♡♡
Tell me when you guys decide to go out for your modeling career. ...I'll support you ~(^.^)~
Don't forget to check out the video :) Did your bias(es) make the list?
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25 10 and 8.... taeyang of big bang, taecyeon of 2pm and top of big bang
2 years ago·Reply
Really gd should have been here but yay top and youngbae..
2 years ago·Reply
I will say a lot of celebrities I have a small crush on made it on this list but I'm. upset gd isnt. But my bias from super junior Choi Simon made number 10
2 years ago·Reply
from top down it's pretty much blah lol
2 years ago·Reply
@ticasensei haha bigbang pun haha
2 years ago·Reply