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Hey Vingle Family! My senior quote for graduation is due soon and I need help finding one! I wanted to use lyrics from a K-Pop song or a quote from an K-idol so it has a lot of meaning to me! I like the one by Jungkook above but I wanted more options as well! So if you know any good ones please help me and comment below! Thank you! ^-^
in order to wear a crown, you should be able to bear the weight of the crown first -jeon jiyoon (4minute) just because you are different doesnt mean you are wrong -CL but i also really like the one u put above
@jojojordy2324 Happy to make your day heh
@ARMYStarlight haha that made my day! I think I'd get some weird looks if I used that tho! lol thank you tho! :)
"I'll become everyone's watermelon"J-Hope.....but seriously.....hmm I cant really think of anything >~<
@jojojordy2324 I know right & I'm glad you think so too 🙈😝❤️
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