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Hello my Nakama! The Preliminary Round is over and it's time for round 1 of the Decision December Tournament!

First up its Orochimaru, the rouge Shinobi of the Hidden Lead vs Kurama, the fox demon. If you haven't been following the tournament make sure you follow the collection! Ok let's get started!


Once a member of the legendary Sannin, Orochimaru went rouge in order to gain immortality. Orochimaru's Jutsu gives him the ability to control snakes as well as turn into a snake himself. Orochimaru contains a forbidden jutsu, the re-animation jutsu, allowing him to bring the dead back to life including all their jutsu. Their is a price to using this however as it takes a lot of chakra to use the re-animation jutsu and can leave Orochimaru drained of his Chakra. Orochimaru is a formidable foe who has already beaten Gin Ichimaru (Bleach) in this tournament.


The Fox demon, Kurama; born of a human after he was hunted down and about to loose his life he inserted himself in the womb of a human women. Naturally Kurama's powers were weakened but over time and with training his demon powers would return. Kurama controls plants having many tricks up his sleeve controlling coniferous plants as well as some hallucination plants. Kurama wields the rose whip, a whip created by a rose (naturally) with thorns that Kurama uses at blinding speeds. Kurama can also revert back to his tire demon form The silver fox Yoko Kurama increasing his power 10 fold. This does come at a price though as turning into Yoko Kurama could not only cause him to use a lot of power but could cause him to loose his human side. Kurama defeated Captain Yamoto in the Preliminary rounds, can he defeat the powerful Orochimaru to advance to the quarter finals!?

Who will win?

Who will win this round 1 match up and move on to the Quarter Finals? Vote for who you think would win, voting starts at 12:30 Pm EST and ends 12:30 AM EST. For More battles such as this make sure to check out NerdBattles on Instagram! Thanks a lot everyone and have a great day! @tbell2 @DaiGakuSei @MadAndrea @Kirik @ThatPerson512 @Danse @VinMcCarthy
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Closed! Thank you to all who voted. Please feel free to continue to debate the winner
kurama without a doubt
@TiffanyWallace you should, I've been watching anime for almost 6 years and it's still my third favorite.
@AdamDean I will. I've been binge watching full series for the past 2 years now. We'll, as much as I can anyway