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Its just as yummy as it looks. Yes, buds, these are ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU. Wanna know the recipe? INGREDIENTS 1 large banana 2 cups oats 2 tbsp honey Chocolate sauce to drizzle (optional) Blend in your oats till they make a fine powder (oat flour) and put them in a bowl. Then blend in the banana till it makes a smooth paste. Mix in the banana in the oat flour and add in honey to make it a bit sweeter. Then pour the paste in your preheated waffle iron until golden brown. Top with your favorite chocolate sauce, and DIVE INTO THE HEALTHY WONDER. TIP #1- You can add nuts, chocolate chips or cinnamon (basically anything you like) to make it better TIP #2- Don't have waffle iron? No problem! Try making pancakes with the same batter! They taste as good Hope you liked this! Do try this, and let me know what you think!
Yummmm!!! Ahh I really wanna try these!! :D They sound so yummy and full of protein and fiber! :D I'm gonna have to try the pancakes version though, I don't have a waffle iron
can't wait to make them. for sure i'd like to almonds or nuts
Perfect!!! Thanks :)
One thing that I forgot to mention is, if the batter seems too thick, you can add a little milk to make it thinner. Not too thin, but the right consistency for a waffle or pancake batter 馃榾馃榾
Oh wow this is a cool idea. And it definitely sounds health. @Allobaber did you see this???
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