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Im learning all 3 and i love it❤❤
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I guess it can be confusing to forefingers, but still..
I know them apart from writing to sounds
Yessss! I recently got my mom to learn what hangul even looks like xD
Im failing my Mandarin 1 class but passing with a D+ im so bad at it but good with japanese and korean..Lol thnx @GDsGF Good luck you'll need it @EWillsea true its kinda easy to learn japanese if u know at least chinese @SunnaWalo exactly theres different tones in chinese than korean @TashiannaBostic Its stressful hu but its actually quite fun and kinda easy lol @taetaebaozi lol good luck @HuonTreeRoo Omgawwd how's it going for u u @merryjayne13 true it can @mewhinamon ongawwd lucky my moms like NO thnk u ill stick to spanish and english @IMNII
Lol my mom's pretty much that way too, she just had a tiny spark of interest but never got past the alphabet. xD She does like Gdragon and Hyuna though