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When Ppl Ask Me Whats The Diference
Im learning all 3 and i love it❤❤
I can understand how people can mix them up but at the same time I can't(if that makes sense). I mean if someone is new to Asian languages and hasn't every really seen the differences then yes, but if it's someone who doesn't know the languages but likes either the music or animation or whatever from those countries then I would expect them to know better. Hell I can go to the store and tell you if something is Korean or Japanese based on the writing on the package.
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Im failing my Mandarin 1 class but passing with a D+ im so bad at it but good with japanese and korean..Lol thnx @GDsGF Good luck you'll need it @EWillsea true its kinda easy to learn japanese if u know at least chinese @SunnaWalo exactly theres different tones in chinese than korean @TashiannaBostic Its stressful hu but its actually quite fun and kinda easy lol @taetaebaozi lol good luck @HuonTreeRoo Omgawwd how's it going for u u @merryjayne13 true it can @mewhinamon ongawwd lucky my moms like NO thnk u ill stick to spanish and english @IMNII
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I am learning Korean, and haven't even dipped my feet into Japanese or Mandarin, yet I know at least the basics of telling Japanese and Mandarin apart. (Though I'm no pro at it. However Korean on the other hand is soooooo completely different!!!!!) I can relate with this struggle. I was at a store called World Market and was looking at the Asian food aile when my mom pointed at Japanese words and asked me if it was Korean. I just sighed, shiok my head no and walkrf away.
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To be fair, Japanese uses Chinese characters for kanji but they will be accompanied by the hiragana and katakana. Still, learned people will know the difference
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i tried to learn chinese but i failed so bad its really really hard u must be so hardworking haha. fighting!
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