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@JustinNorthcutt Yeah, and it's even more messed up because they thought they were brother and sister for so long
I find it kind of disturbing due to the fact one of them is a minor and one of them is his sister....
I thought Kirito was supposed to be undyingly loyal to Asuna, doesn't he go through all the other games to save her or something? What's up with all these other girls?
Lmao, all that's missing is Yui screaming "Papa you cheater!" Someone needs to watch SAO, Yes, Kirito is loyal to Asuna. I'll try to do this without spoilers. the first 4 novels (season 1of Anime) consist of 2 game worlds SAO & ALO ( Alfheim Online) Kirito & Asuna's love takes off in the death game of SAO. Now, the girl on the middle right is Liz, a sword smith who falls for Kirito. lower left is Silica, who Kirito saves in a forest . when SAO has been beat Asuna doesn't wake up he discovers she is prisoner in ALO, so Kirito goes to save her. The girl on the top right is Leafa who plays guide. They are cousins raised as brother & sister due to circumstances. but they don't realise each others online ID's till almost the end. Shuga (Leafa's RL name) loves Kirito. Novel 3 & 4 (season 2. first half) the game name is GGO (Gun Gail Online) once again people are somehow dieing IRL after being PKed. Kirito ends up investigating. now the girl middle left is Sinon , she ends up a target for the murder. Kirito ends up saving Sinon from the murder, as well as from herself. all the girls know Krito only has eyes for Asuna, but that can't stop a little jealousy \ envy\ trolling can it? The Anime pokes more fun at the relationships than the novels as well as this card.