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I'm so happy. Now I have someone to fangirl with 24/7 yayayayyayayay (sorry I am too excited)
Her biases are Rap Monster and Suga
She calls Jungkookie a potato....I don't know why but she does. At least she likes the other members and all of their songs
How does he look like a potato?
She also calls Hobi a crazy crab horse. Never heard that one before....I think he is rather handsome and cute.
lol dont worry she will obsess over them soon, very soon cx
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@GDsGF in less than a week she knew all of their names 😁 I'm so happy she likes them.
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I think it's because his head his kind of round like a other kpopers call BTS potato as well...& I call Jimin my cinnanon roll!
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@ashleydj1oo aww cinnamon roll😍😍
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