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Hello guys! If you thought I was no longer going to write down my workouts, you're wrong! I've had a weird week, and I didn't log in what I did last week. Today the gym was literally empty, and it was glorious.
My gym moved a lot of the weights around, so they have it where now the squat rack gives you room. Because of the space, I decided to superset between squats and deadlifts.
For my squat/deadlift superset, I did low weight. For squat I just did the 45lb bar for 12 rep sets. For deadlifts I just did 100lbs for 8 reps. I may have done around 8 sets. I didn't really count them.
After, I did shoulder, bicep, and tricep workouts (yes, i mix-and-match lower/upper/compound/isolated....I like it that way).
When I was done with that, I went onto the stationary bike for 10 minutes and upped the resistance levels. And as always, I walked for 1.5 miles.

In a nutshell:


1A. Squat: 45lbs x 12 reps x 8 sets
1B. Deadlift: 100lbs x 8 reps x 8 sets


-DB overhead presess
-Standing DB curls
-Concentration curls
-DB hammer curls
-Tricep extensions


-10 minute stationary bike, high resistance
-1.5 mile walk


My goal for this upcoming week is to up the cardio (resistance/time). Also, to diversify my workouts and include more exercises. I have to get a bit creative because my gym only has free weights and cardio machines. I also bought a jump rope and I am super excited about that!!!
@alywoah hahah hey I know how it feels to try to get back to your original routine cx hahah I stopped but I know sooner or later I'll start again ^^
No such thing as overwork :P Lol. Yes trying to get back to where I was!!
Woo you got this!! Just don't overwork yourself :)