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Okay guys, so I’m watching Weekly Idol and I CAN’T HELP BUT NOTICE THAT HEECHUL IS KINDA TRYING TO BEAT JIMIN FOR THE STATUS OF NAMJIN PRESIDENT! Like, he uses words for Jin which are usually used for women. Like “married off”. And then he says that he likes that image when Jin goes behind Rapmon and helps him to chop the onion. And then! He sings a lovey’dovey song “tu~ turu~ tu~” while namjin having an intimate moment so, Heechul, welcome to namjin stan! credit given to their owners.
everyones posting about namjin today haha
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I am on NamJin Mode On today.. Markson is Jelous. .lol.. @GDsGF
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I totes fangirled on that part!!!! NAMJIN IS LIFE!!!
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